Aligning Development with Strategy

Ensuring learning and development is aligned with your firm's strategic plan


As with any major consulting diagnosis, it is important to ‘begin with the end in mind’ – fully scoping out the work and its boundaries, identifying stakeholders and outputs, to ensure project success. Similarly, your firm’s approach to professional development must align with your culture and strategic objectives to achieve sustainable behavioural change. 

Openside’s diagnostic process – Aligning Development with Strategy – ensures a direct link between your desired strategic position and the skills and behaviours needed to achieve it. It is essential that learning and development programmes embody and reinforce your culture, are driven by your firm’s values and take into account your firm-wide strengths and weaknesses.

How the Process Works

  • Identify critical skills
    and behaviours

  • Step 1

    Determine strategic positioning

  • Step 2

    Define skill set requirements

  • Step 3

    Determine core behaviours aligned to skill sets

  • Firmwide

  • Step 4

    Analyse performance management data

  • Step 5

    Identify firmwide strengths and weaknesses

  • Step 6

    Create firmwide development plan and core curriculum

  • Individual
    development plans

  • Step 7

    Revisit performance management data at individual level

  • Step 8

    Create individual professional development plans

  • Step 9

    Establish Academy or integrate with existing models

We begin by working with you to understand your firm’s context. Through a series of discussions and interviews we jointly define or confirm your desired culture, strategic plan, growth objectives and discuss the behaviours, skills and processes required for delivery success. These discussions will inform your professional development strategy and crucially, ‘how’ behaviours, skills and processes should be learned and embodied in every interaction.

Having defined the context, the next stage is to design and deliver role-related competency frameworks and supporting learning and development programmes within a curriculum, tailored to your specific needs.

The programmes and competency frameworks developed, can be integrated as necessary with existing approaches to learning and development within your organisation or where necessary we can develop an ‘Academy’ model for you from the ground up.

After each programme delivery, we help you ensure that the learning is used, shared and exemplified beyond the learning event, by using a combination of coaching, mentoring, virtual refresher sessions, eLearning and use of our online training impact assessment tool ‘Vienna’.


If you would like to find out how the Openside approach to Aligning Development with Strategy can help you develop your firm’s strategy for learning and development, please contact us directly.

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