Analytical Problem Solving

Solving complex and ambiguous problems to deliver business performance improvement and growth


Consistent application of structured analytical techniques is essential to the success of professional services functions and roles in solving complex business problems. Our work across industry and with professional services firms has indicated an increasing demand for such skillsets, a view supported by industry research such as the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report. The report highlights critical thinking, structured problem solving and logical reasoning as being the most in-demand skills for businesses, governments and citizens over the next five years. Winning organisations will be those that recruit, develop and retain the best talent with these capabilities, in building relationships and transforming their businesses to deliver sustainable growth and profit improvement. These core skills are often not recognised or codified in internal teams, even those employing former consultants, so how do firms certify the rigour and quality of work across teams, geographies, clients and stakeholders?

Openside Group is the leading provider of training in analytical problem solving for professional services teams across consulting, business development, transformation and supply chain. Our Analytical Problem Solving (APS) programme provides the knowledge, skills, tools and behaviours, to solve unstructured and ambiguous business problems. Adopting a common language and approach, and applying it consistently, ensures: participants will generate new, creative solutions and opportunities for their organisations; better team innovation; new entrants are immediately productive; clients experience the same quality anywhere in the business.

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Programme Structure

Each programme is structured to meet the specific requirements of your business and it’s objectives, based on modules developed and refined over time by Openside. Techniques covered include how to formulate hypotheses, conduct issue analysis, data driven research and analytical thinking, draw logical conclusions, develop recommendations for action, create compelling reports and value propositions, and presentation of findings through storytelling. Pre-work is completed in advance of the programme to ensure that time is spent productively in the sessions and learning can be applied more quickly to live projects and business as usual. During the programme, participants will discover the core analytical thinking process in detail and can put the framework into action using ‘live’ examples. Participants will be able to apply critical thinking, to increase innovation and effectiveness in their client interactions. Leading to development of new, creative solutions and opportunities to deliver growth.

Participant Level

Advisors, Strategists and Policy Makers, Internal Consulting and Business Transformation teams, Account Managers and Client Support, Solution Architects, Supply Chain specialists, Business Development and Sales can all benefit from analytical problem solving, whatever their current level.




If you would like to find out how the Openside APS Programme can improve innovation, collaboration and productivity in your organisation, please contact us directly.

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Why Analytical Problem Solving?

“The role of the internal advisor is complex and demands a specific skill set. A key skill is the ability to solve problems in an analytically sound and effective way while simultaneously balancing the needs of stakeholders with a range of perspectives and opinions. The Openside programme teaches the skills of dealing with multiple decision-makers who may not be aligned with a project objective and the analytical problem-solving process needed to deliver an excellent result.”


Jacqui Isaacs

Jacqui Isaacs

“The programme was a great learning experience that challenged my normal approach to framing problems/opportunities”

Internal Consulting Group
Global Business Analyst

“A great week, I appreciated learning about useful tools and frameworks that I will be able to use in my daily work for more effective analysis and better framed problems.”

Global FMCG
Business Intelligence

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