Presentation and Storytelling Skills

Achieving business success through deeper client intimacy and engagement


Client and stakeholder engagement whether strategic, organisational or sales related, typically generates data, detailed findings, options for change and focussed conclusions. At Openside, we believe the best consulting and sales professionals are those with the ability to communicate and present complex concepts simply and with maximum impact. Trusted advisor status is achieved by presenting solutions and recommendations in the client’s context using a concise narrative.  

Storytelling, as opposed to presenting, establishes a dialogue with the audience. It enables the personal and emotional connections that lead to successful sales, better business outcomes and foster longer term relationships. So how can professionals show they understand, and empathise with, the client’s context and culture and effortlessly communicate the key messages that clients and stakeholders expect?  


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Programme Structure

Openside’s ‘Presentation and Storytelling Skills’ programme, provides participants with a framework for effective storytelling. Participants will be able to have much more impactful conversations based on the client’s context and what is most important to the audience both collectively and individually. They will learn how to sort their ideas making them more relatable and easier for the audience to understand, remember and embrace. Storytelling offers a powerful tool in differentiating their solution and gaining acceptance of proposals. Our aim is to give presenters the confidence to engage the audience, monitor body language and engage at a personal level. Using presentation material only for emphasis and as an aide memoire, as necessary. Enabling them to communicate compellingly and with authenticity in achieving successful outcomes, whether face to face or engaging virtually. 

Participant Level

The programme is aimed at those in professional services roles. Advisors, Strategists and Policymakers, Business Transformation Consultants, Account Managers and Client Support, Solution Architects, Supply Chain specialists, Business Development and Sales, Technical experts and R&D can all benefit from training in communication and storytelling skills.  


If you would like to find out more about our ‘Presentation and Storytelling Skills’ programme and how it could work for your organisation, please contact us directly.

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Why Presentation and Storytelling Skills?

“Many participants attend this programme because of feedback they had from colleagues. Their presentations had too much detail, didn’t flow and weren’t very engaging. Subject matter was often highly technical and not communicated in a way that delivered a clear message and engaged their audience. By the end of the session confidence is high as they deliver their reworked presentations with a more engaging narrative to colleagues.”



Emily Palmer

Emily Palmer

“An excellent introduction into the world of B2B storytelling, with a highly interactive and practical approach.”

Global Executive Search Firm
Marketing Director EMEA

“Useful and applicable learning with real tools that can be used in the workplace.”

Professional Services
Decision Analyst

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