Expanding Client Opportunities

Increasing the sales effectiveness of client project teams


Business development in professional services requires a unique approach. For many executives, who have become technical experts, the key behaviours required are not innate and must be learned and developed. The Expanding Client Opportunities programme explores the key behaviours, tools, strategies and concepts for business development in professional services. The highly interactive and experiential programme gives participants the chance to apply these ideas using role-plays, exercises and often their own live opportunities. Ultimately, the programme significantly improves the organisation’s chance of future success. 

Participants will learn to understand the buying process from the perspective of the client or prospect and the explicit implications on their own behaviour. This programme is based on extensive research into both the buying behaviour of clients of professional services firms and the winning skills and behaviours of the most successful business developers. Participants will leave with an increased ability to build and manage client relationships and greater status and confidence in their role as a representative of the firm. 

Over the course of the programme, participants learn, practise and refine the key stages of the business development process and then work in teams to prepare a final presentation for their colleagues and senior representatives to apply this learning on a current business opportunity. 


If you would like to find out how the Expanding Client Opportunities programme can increase the sales effectiveness of your team, please contact us directly.

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“Beneficial, in terms of challenging how we approach business development and other interactions within our working environment.”

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“Just wanted to let you know about the case that we worked on in our training. We are about to deliver the final results and are now positioning for a larger project this autumn on the same topic.”

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